Hands-on Course in Tablet Technology

The University of Mississippi


LAB 1 – Preformulation

Evaluate properties of a pharmaceutical API, powders and polymers utilizing

  • Particle surface area analysis
  • Porosity analysis
  • Particle size and shape analysis
  • Density analysis
  • Moisture adsorption/desorption isotherms
  • Texture analysis
  • Powder flow analysis
  • Thermogravimetric analysis
  • Differential scanning calorimetry

LAB 2 – Granulation and Extrusion/Spheronization

Processing of a pharmaceutical API and excipients to form granules and extrudates by

  • High shear mixing and wet granulation
  • Low shear mixing and wet granulation
  • Extrusion/Spheronization
  • Fluid bed drying

LAB 3 – Tableting

Evaluate excipient/drug compressibility and compressibility of wet granulated vs direct compression tablet formulations utilizing

  • Single punch tablet press
  • Instrumented rotary tablet press
  • Equipment to monitor weight, thickness and breaking strength of tablet compacts

LAB 4 – Hot Melt Extrusion and Tablet Evaluation

Evaluate processing of hot melt extruded forms and perform tests to evaluate quality control attributes of tablets using

  • Hot melt extruder
  • Tablet dissolution apparatus, real time and interval drug release testing
  • Tablet disintegration testing
  • Tablet friability testing

LAB 5 – Fluid Bed Granulation/Particle Coating and Tablet Pan Coating

Evaluate granulation of an API/excipient blend, film coating of non-pareil particles, and coat tablets using

  • Fluid bed granulator/particle film coater

Side vented tablet coating pan